Alutech: Allying 200 dealers in one CRM

Alutech: Allying 200 dealers in one CRM

Alutech holding aimed to improve retail sales in the dealership network. Creating a unified CRM, AtlantConsult helped to solve the problem.

About the client

Alutech produces and sells roller shutter garage doors, sectional doors, and other aluminum constructions. The company comprises a dealership network of more than 200 agents. Alutech operates in 20 countries across CIS and Western Europe.

Employees: 4 600 


Alutech couldn’t improve the retail sales of its dealers. The company didn’t know why clients left. To retain them, Alutech needed to improve the customer journey and access the sales pipeline of the dealership network.

The parent company couldn’t fully trust sales reports sent by dealers in Excel. Employees could make a mistake or intentionally modify records. To avoid such risks, Alutech was seeking a system to exchange data automatically. 

The holding company addressed the problem to AtlantConsult because was satisfied with a past project on CRM implementation to the company’s entities. This time Alutech wanted to create a single CRM for more than 200 dealers in about 100 cities in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.  The solution should consider that dealers couldn’t have an access to each other data and the holding company.


AtlantConsult implemented CRM system based on SAP Sales Cloud solution. The platform is designed to analyze sales and exchange data in real-time between dealership network, management, and manufacturing.

The CRM solution distributes calls among dealers.
If a manager can’t take a client call, the system assigns it to another dealer in a region.

The platform helps managers to log orders and calls faster. Each client card in CRM comprises a checklist. Account managers complete it, flagging stages of the sales funnel a customer went through (e.g. showroom visit, order, call, repair service).

The head office identifies dealers' weaknesses, forecasts the revenue, and plans production capacity.
AtlantConsult extended analytical options integrating the service with SAP ERP, already used in the company.
Alutech introduced a ranking system based on dealers' KPI.
Agents with greater achievements get more calls, requests, and discounts on production.    


  • Dealership profitability increased up to 15%
  • Alutech identified key sales metrics that influence client satisfaction
  • The solution enabled smooth data migration among dealership, top management, and manufacturing
  • Dealers became more motivated and loyal to the holding company
Project duration: 1 year.