Atlant-M ERP

Atlant-M ERP
  • the largest holding in the CIS (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus);
  • 10 automobile brands: Volkswagen, Skoda, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mazda, Ford, GM-AVTOVAZ, KIA, Nissan, Renault;
  • 700 million USD revenue.
  • Financial and management accounting and reporting.
  • Daily performance indicators.
  • Auto centers benchmarking.
  • Employee KPI profile.
  • Customer data storage.
  • Asset portfolio analytics (property analytics).
  • Full reporting and analytics for all Holding departments, consolidated statements and reporting.
  • Cash-pooling and Treasury management.
  • Automatic budgets download from the budgeting system.
  • Budget and consolidation processes;.
  • Automatic budget control system.
  • Significantly improve the manageability: daily monitoring of key business indicators, both for individual units of auto centers, and throughout the Holding.
  • To shorten the terms for management accounting preparation: the management accounts for all Holding departments are rendered on the 10th business day of the month.
  • To create a single information store about the Holding operations.
  • To automate the central treasury processes in terms of budget loads from the budgeting system, as well as drafting of the applications for the budget spending, which in turn has reduced the amount of the routine of the treasury department.
  • Alignment of major business processes in all operations areas; transparency of execution of the processes and the requirements to the quality level of the processes.
  • High inventory turn, accuracy and rate of order dressing, as well as the increase of customer loyalty.
  • Creation of a single contact center for servicing the entire network of dealers, which is integrated with the ERP systems of the AC. Receiving and processing of incoming calls, conducting of outbound campaigns, obtaining of analytics for CCs to make managerial decisions.
  • Client’s life cycle automation.

  • Client satisfaction assessment and control process management.
  • Financial services management, Trade-in and other services (Financial, Trade-in and other services management).
  • Vehicle and spare parts supply chain management.
  • Single customer loyalty program management.
  • Order and vehicle configuration management.
  • Vehicle and spare parts warehouse management.
  • Sales management.
  • Car service Management.
  • Guarantee Management.
  • Internet services.
  • Segmentation Management.
  • Marketing Campaign Management.
  • Automation of the processes of receiving, routing of calls.
  • Contact Center Analytics.

“The developed tools allowed to optimize the budget outturn control in each business line of the Holding. As well as to automate the process of drafting of the applications for the budget spending and their validation with the corresponding departments. All these led to the overall optimization of work in Budget and Treasury Management Department as well. For ten years, the Atlant-M Holding successfully operates a single ERP system based on SAP AG products, created jointly with AtlantConsult. We express our gratitude to the management and specialists of AtlantConsult for the work done and high professionalism. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation.”
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atlant-M
CEO of Zubr Capital
Oleg Khusaenov

“For 15 years, AK has been providing technical support for SAP systems in Atlant-M Holding.
... We express our gratitude to the management and specialists of AtlantConsult for the work done and high professionalism. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation”
CEO of Atlant-M Holding
Sergey Savitsky

“Our company expresses its gratitude to the management and specialists of AtlantConsult for the high quality of the executed works, compliance with the terms and budget of the project. We intend to continue the cooperation with the company AtlantConsult, to develop and improve the effectiveness of the customer relationship management system in conjunction with the company AtlantConsult”
Head of Contact-center
Pjankov A.