Belarusian Railway

Belarusian Railway

Belarusian Railway is the leading transportation system in Belarus. The company controls 63% of in-country cargo turnover and 33% of passenger miles.

The railway couldn’t handle autogrowth of databases that led to system overloading. AtlantConsult helped to optimize dataflows and IT infrastructure throughout the company.

Platinum partner:
  • SAP ERP,
  • SAP BI.
Performed Tasks
  • Reduce the volume of data stored in the database;
  • Prevent uncontrollable database multiplication in the future;
  • Optimize IT infrastructure;
  • Decrease expenses on running break maintenance and ineffective system operation;
  • Develop a policy on updating and archiving SAP ERP and SAP BW systems;
  • Upgrade end-user interface in the SAP ERP;
  • Implement documenting function for the cases when users modify Z objects in SAP ERP;
  • Record end-user activity in the SAP ERP.

At the first stage, AtlantConsult took 2 steps: archived old databases and identified processes concerned reporting, tracking data lifespan and defining files importance. Then, the programming team redesigned the system in a way that data would be automatically deleted or archived in conformity with defined rules and useful time. Old unfinished dataflows were processed according to the new algorithms.

The system began to log every business transactions and data entering in setting tables.

To help the company avoid loss of working hours, engineers set up an option to run archiving sessions in a background.

AtlantConsult developed guidelines on how to take out, analyze and archive users’ activity logs. Afterward project team trained the staff.

  • Time on making reports decreased by 50%
  • The volume of databases reduced by 30%
  • The ERP system became faster
  • The company lowered operating costs