The company Mercedes-Benz RUS is a Russian subsidiary of the German automotive corporation Daimler AG known as one of the biggest producers of premium cars in the world.

The affiliated company imports cars of the brand Mercedes-Benz and Smart. Main fields of activity: trading new and used cars, manufacturing light vehicles, providing after-sale service and developing dealer network.

Passenger cars dealers: 70 companies

Light vehicles dealers: 61 companies

  • Client 360 profile.
  • Vehicle history.
  • Single customer base.
  • Analytical system.
  • Customer base segmentation.
  • Marketing campaigns management.
  • Grievance management.
  • Customer loyalty management.
  • Fleet-sales.
  • The productivity of interactions with marketing partners has grown and the effectiveness of joint marketing campaigns has increased.
  • A full cycle of sales for corporate clients is built due to detailed analysis and sales funnel.
  • Voucher systems for after-sales service were launched, which increased customer loyalty.
  • Improved KPI employees associated with the number and timing of customer grievance processing.
  • The service of customers through the telephone channel was accelerated by the integration of workplaces in CRM with the UNIFY telephony software.

“Our company expresses its gratitude to the management and specialists of AtlantConsult for the high quality of the executed works, compliance with the terms and budget of the project.
... Mercedes-Benz Rus intend to continue the cooperation with the company AtlantConsult, to develop and improve the effectiveness of the customer relationship management system in conjunction with the company AtlantConsult.”
Head of Business Application Department
Nataliya Konfu