CJSC MTBank is a modern commercial bank providing a full range of services to corporate and private clients. MTBank was established on March 14, 1994 and became the first bank in the Republic of Belarus with the participation of foreign capital.

Currently, customer service is carried out in 127 bank branches located throughout the country.

  • Single customer base.
  • Contact Center.
  • Credit conveyor.
  • Deposit window case.
  • Window case of accounts and transactions.
  • Window case of card transactions.
  • Collection.
  • Marketing management and customer base segmentation.
  • Detailed system of analytics.
  • Active corporate sales.
  • Logistics of cards.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Cobrand.
  • Managerial and fiscal reporting.
  • Revenue growth in the retail segment by 30%.
  • Customer base growth by 67%.
  • 12 times growth of credit application processing rate.
  • 10 times growth of productivity of marketing campaigns.

“As a result of the project, we received a system that is in demand by specialists of various departments of the bank. And thanks to the flexibility and simplicity of the SAP Business Objects BI products, our users can independently build the reports they need based on the data marts. I express my gratitude to Atlantconsult for their professionalism and fruitful long-term cooperation.”
Chairman of the Board of MTBank
A. Zhishkevich