Tegeta Motors: HR system for 1,5 K employees

Tegeta Motors: HR system for 1,5 K employees

Tegeta Motors used an employee management system that didn’t fit all their requirements. The company needed a new multifeatured HR software. Together with AtlantConsult, Tegeta Motors solved the issue by implementing the SAP SuccessFactors.

About the client


Tegeta Motors is the leading company in the automotive industry of Georgia. The company owns about 50% of the market, importing and selling vehicles (cars, trucks, buses) and auto parts. The supplier represents more than 300 brands, to name a few – Shell, MAN, Toyota, Porshe. 

2K wholesale companies

1,5K employees

10K B2B clients


The human capital management system didn’t have enough functions to support all the business needs. It lacked the following settings:

  1. About 1,5 K employees worked at Tegeta Motors. Managers needed a system that would lower working hours spent on extensive data entry to the personnel database.

  2. To maintain internal communication, the company required a unified online platform where employee’s positions and contacts are mentioned. 

  3. Top management wanted to control more precisely how employees achieved goals
As a result, Tegeta Motors chose the cloud SAP SuccessFactors suite that met the needs. For implementation, the company selected AtlantConsult because the contractor previously worked with a similar automotive business and embedded cloud-based systems.
AtlantConsult was given a task to implement SAP SuccessFactors modules:

- Employee Central  that supports core HR processes; 

- Performance & Goals that helps to align company’s strategy and goals, improve employee performance; 

- SAP Jam Collaboration - an enterprise social networking solution.


SAP SuccessFactors modules solve the following issues:

Employee Central 

Every employee has a personal profile in the system that includes basic information about him (contacts, bio, position, skills, salary account, driver's license, etc.). Personnel completes profiles themselves that streamline HR department work. 

An employee’s profile in the Employee Central

In the system, users can see the company hierarchy and the structure of each department in accordance with employees’ positions. 

In Employee Central staff creates requests and addresses them to proper managers or colleagues. It might be an order for equipment or asking for technical support. Previously, employees’ used to send it by email. Now, all requests are processed in the system.

The Benefits Management section is designed to administer employee’s insurance applications and other bonuses (corporate car sharing, holiday gifts, pension contributions).

To apply for a health insurance, an employee needs to make several clicks and fill in the required data. Earlier, staff used to negotiate it additionally with HR-manager and supervisor. The work of a staff specialist is simplified as well - he collects all applications and sends them to an insurance company. 

Employee Central helps to track the employee working hours. The system is synchronized with a key card entry system and collects the information when employees come to an office, take breaks and work after hours.

image_Time shit 2.pngA time sheet in the Employee Central

The system register when a person works on holiday (according to working schedule). Thus, the employee is automatically granted a compensatory leave for the respective amount of time.

The platform keeps track of sick, vacation leaves and other types of absence. The major part of absences employees book in the Employee Central by themselves and then adjust it with managers. They can see the remaining part of vacations.

image_Time off.pngA leave schedule in the Employee Central

Performance & Goals    

The module enables to run an annual business plan and track the progress of subordinates and managers in goals achieving.

Supervisors set goals, tasks and activities for subordinates. The system shows the employee's progress and updates the percent complete.

pg 2.png

The interface of goals management in the Performance & Goals

Using Performance & Goals HR managers estimate the current productivity of employees. The platform enables to compare results of people from the same department.

Managers and colleagues could leave feedback about an employee’s work. Supervisors or subordinate generates in the Performance & Goals a feedback form, a surveyed person fill it out and the response appears in the system. 

Further, Tegeta Motors plans to implement SAP SuccessFactors module Compensation to calculate performance bonuses. Results recorded in the Performance & Goals can be employed in this module.

SAP Jam Collaboration

The functionality and interface of SAP Jam Collaboration are comparable to those of Facebook.

profile.jpgThe employee profile in the SAP Jam Collaboration


The news feed in the SAP Jam Collaboration

In the corporate social network, SAP Jam employees follow the company’s news and comment on it, can keep a professional blog. In the platform, the company’s departments, project teams, corporative learning groups can gather in communities. There is an option to share and adjust documents.


The publication of different versions of the file in the SAP Jam Collaboration

“SAP Jam is quite helpful to the communication on a project. Team members together edit project documentation and save different versions of files. Generally, vendor SAP recommends carrying out all the project documentation during the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors in SAP Jam Collaboration”,  - commented the project leader Pavel Lobach.

Additional advantages of the SAP SuccessFactors suite concern mobility and outsourced technical support.

  • A user enters the system through a browser or a mobile app. When an employee is on the way or on a business trip, he is accessible and can utilize key functions of the system.

  • The SuccessFactors suite doesn’t require internal programmers to maintain it. The vendor SAP does it in terms of subscription.


  • HR specialists spend less time on data entering, partly delegating it to employees 

  • HR managers keep staff information in the single system

  • The personnel can access the necessary information about colleagues and the structure of the company 

  • Employees create and save requests in the one place

  • Executives can set individual goals for each subordinate in accordance with the strategic planning of the company

  • Managers can systematically track employees’ performance

  • The company has a platform for corporate communication

  • SuccessFactors is synchronized with an internal ERP system that enables to use of actual staff information in operational activity


Tegeta Motors plans to embed other SAP SuccessFactors modules:

  • Succession Management & Development Planning

  • Compensation & Variable Pay

  • Learning 

  • Recruiting