Telekom Austria AG

Telekom Austria AG

A1 is the second largest mobile operator in the country, at the end of Q4 2017 velcom customers numbered 4.86 mln.

At present A1 is the largest private operator of fixed Internet access. In September 2017 velcom deployed the largest Belarusian data processing center (DPC) in Minsk. The data center occupies 7.5 thousand sq.m and is the largest one in Belarus.

  • СRM and Contact Center
    • Marketing managements and customer base segmentation.
    • Call scripts management, telemarketing.
    • Contact Center, Service desk.
    • Proactive corporate sales/ direct corporate sales.
    • Installation team schedule.
    • Management of houses and active retail sales.
    • Reports on IVR branch, calls, e-mails, chats, telemarketing, service, installation teams.
  • Real Estate Management
    • Management of real estate objects , contract management, business partners management, space management.
    • Lease in, lease out.
    • Real estate controlling.
    • Accounting and tax accounting of transaction with real estate objects.
    • Service Charge Settlement, Collection of measurements from electronic indicators for electricity consumption.
    • Repair and maintenance of the real estate objects.
  • The growth of response rate to customer application on average by 5–7 times.
  • Increase of telemarketing efficiency by 3 times.
  • Decrease in expected relevant costs of the company by 40%.
  • Increase of sellers’ efficiency.
  • Receive reliable and accurate data on company’s sales performance.
  • Single information system for real estate objects as one source of entry with possibility of quick search and report, simplification of IT landscape.
  • Minimize the time needed to prolong the contract or to mass change of the parameters on real estate contracts.
  • The data base for estimation of site effectiveness through OPEX costs is created.
  • Automate the process of tax calculation and printing forms.

  • Finance
    • Accounting in compliance with the legislation of Belarus.
    • Management accounting (complied with the standards of “Zubr Capital” Management Company).
    • IFRS requirements accounting (for founders — EBRD).
  • Logistics and Construction
    • Contract management.
    • Accounting of warehouse equipment, materials for network/ connection construction in the responsilble party section.
    • Accounting of implementation/ delivery of client equipment by serial numbers.
    • Design and management of Ethernet networks construction.
  • Accounting system with 3 reporting recipients: fiscal parties, local shareholders and foreign shareholders (IFRS).
  • Accounting of warehouse equipment, materials for network/connection construction, as well as accounting of implementation/ delivery of client equipment by serial numbers.

“Our company expresses its gratitude to the management and specialists of AtlantConsult. Due to their professionalism and coordinated teamwork we succeed in solving our automation problems within a very short period .”
Deputy Director for Economics
Khomichenko A.

“Our company expresses its gratitude to the management and specialists of AtlantConsult for the high quality of the executed works, compliance with the terms and budget of the project. We intend to continue the cooperation with the company AtlantConsult, to develop and improve the effectiveness of the information system together with specialists from Atlantconsult.”
CEO of Unitary Enterprise velcom
Helmut Duhs