AtlantConsult's AK S4HANA MOVE is SAP qualified S/4HANA Conversion Factory which delivers a comprehensive solution to transform your current SAP landscape into a scalable, Intelligent Enterprise-ready environment.

Why Consider S/4HANA Now?

  • Strategy: S/4HANA is SAP’s lead ERP solution. Your overall SAP strategy is incomplete without a view on S/4HANA.
  • Benefits: S/4HANA provides many additional IT and business benefits over and above ERP.
  • Spend: You may want to stop investing in parts of your ERP solution that are not part of S/4HANA or will not continue to be developed further.
  • Innovation: Many new SAP innovations are now only available to S/4HANA customers. These provide opportunities for business transformation.
  • Be prepared: There are projects that can be executed now to reduce the duration of the critical path to S/4HANA once you get started.
  • Support: end of support for SAP Business Suite 7 (including ERP 6) is 2027.
There are three different options in AK S4HANA MOVE:
  1. Conversion Analysis
  2. Conversion Analysis + Draft
  3. Conversion Itself 

AK S4HANA MOVE - Conversion Analysis

Investigation volumes and actions:
• Introduction to S4HANA
• Customer SAP systems landscape research and definition
• Data consistency diagnostics
• Simplification items list: Objects to be automatically converted to S/4 HANA, Objects to be manually
converted and adapted to S/4 HANA, Unused functionality
• Custom code usage analysis
• Researching into the problems of an existing ECC system, solutions, and finally decide on which option is best
for the organization
• Infrastructure and technical requirements
• Working-out of conversion roadmap with project schedule proposal
• Project cost estimation
• Preparation and presentation of the final report with the results of the analysis

Result: Final report with the results of the analysis

AK S4HANA MOVE - Conversion Analysis + Draft

Cloud infrastructure included to support the conversion draft process, structured in different sizes, can be
adapted to specific customer needs. Provision of a Sandbox ECC system and a Sandbox S/4HANA system is on A1 Partner Managed Cloud platform.
The service includes both the establishment of the environment and secure connections (via VPN to our data
center) as well as its administration, basic monitoring and daily backups.

Draff Conversion include:
•Execution of post SUM activities
•Up to 5 Fiori apps activation
(standard )
•Pre-checks steps and preliminary
•Execution of SUM & DMO
•Preparation of the report with
the results for draff conversion

AK S4HANA MOVE - Conversion Itsel

 Preparation Phase  Realization Phase
Conversion Pre-Check:
• Readiness Check
• Conflicting Business

• Conflicting Add-ons
• Maintenance Planner
• ATC - Custom Code Check
• Simplification Item Checks

Logistics preparation
• Business Partner approach
• Customer Vendor
Integration (CVI)
• MRP Areas, MATNR Extension

Finance preparation
• Consistency checks
• Reconciliation
• Period-end closing activities
• Document posting data  
Technical conversion:
• Technical conversion by SUM (DMO)
• Software update
• Data conversion
• Database migration

Finance Post Conversion:
• Technical conversion by SUM (DMO);
• Preparation customizing to migration,
• Data migration (migrate general
ledger, house bank, transactional
• Standard activities after migration
Post Conversion Activities:
• Output Management configuration
• PP/DS activation and configuration
• Installation of a new Central Instance

Fiori Activation and basic configuration:
• Front-end server
• Activation FIORI Launchpad
• Activation and configuration of FIORI
applications (only standard SAP Fiori
catalog tiles) 

Custom code migration:
Pre conversion:
•Delete obsolete code
•HANA DB and Unicode
•SPDD Post Conversion:
• Adapt to S/4HANA
changes, interfaces and
affected functionality
• Tests
•Performance adjustments

Result: Productive Conversion SAP ECC Systems

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