Customer Experience

SAP Customer Experience solutions integrate the structural elements of a company — marketing, sales and service — that are involved in customer interaction into a single information and operating environment.

The platform is designed for the application of customer-oriented business strategies and provides access to the 360° profile of each client. This increases the accuracy of marketing communications, increases the proportion of completed transactions, shortens the sales cycle, reduces the cost of maintenance and allows you to make decisions based on reliable real-time data. The pre-configured system configuration already includes key CRM business processes, so implementation is quick and inexpensive.

To compete, it is important to flexibly build customer service processes through any channels of interaction and satisfy the most demanding customers. For this, SAP gives you an effective tool — CX Cloud for Customer (C4C) — a new generation of cloud-based CRM solution that will help increase marketing efficiency, achieve sales growth, improve customer service, including through social networks. Read more
Use a single integrated SAP CRM platform and track sales success. Set strategic goals based on predictive analytics, create personalized offers for customers, regardless of distribution channels. Simplify and speed up team work by providing them with a clear and easy-to-use tool for interacting with customers. Track the effectiveness of the strategies and the success of the departments Read more
SAP Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive CRM solution that implements omnichannel personalized communications and helps automate and manage the entire marketing cycle — from planning and tuning to conducting and online analysis of campaign effectiveness. The use of predictive analytics technology and instant processing of big data allow marketers to determine... Read more