AtlantConsult became the second leading provider of On-Premise SAP solutions in the United VARs

An organization of 50+ leading SAP solution providers, United VARs announced the list of the internal award winners.


Managing Director of United VARs Detlef Mehlmann congratulated United VARs Award winners in the following categories: On-Premise, Cloud, Marketing, Rise with SAP. AtlantConsult took 2nd place in implementing On-Premise solutions.

Below are complete lists of the United VARs Award winners:

Best Performing Member – On-Premise
1. Mib:con
2. AtlantConsult
3. IPS

Best Performing Member - Cloud
1. Implema
2. DXC Oxygen
3. Pearl

Newcomer of the Year – On-Premise
1. Birchman
2. Savic
3. KBJ

Newcomer of the Year - Cloud
1. KBJ
2. Birchman
3. Netizen

Special Award – Marketing
1. Seidor consulting
2. Detaysoft
3. All for One Group

Special Award – Rise with SAP
Seidor consulting

Special Award – Customer Success

AtlantConsult congratulates the winners on their excellent results.


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