AtlantConsult calls for participation in an international charity initiative


Two years ago, the managing director of United VARs Detlef Melmann visited Cambodia and witnessed the terrible conditions in which the inhabitants of this country have to survive.  “The schools face disastrous hygienic conditions,” he said. “There is no drinking water. No toilets. No chance to even wash their hands. The students carry plastic bottles filled with water from dirty rivers. It was disconcerting to learn that this was the rule and not the exception. Almost all the children suffer from diarrhoea, and unfortunately many of them die under the age of 12.” For many, access to clean water is normal; however, in many countries, lack of clean water causes more than 800,000 deaths of children under five years of age each year.
Project: WASH was first presented and proposed at the annual meeting of United VARs in April 2019. It was then that United VARs and member company executives agreed to support fundraising to finance clean water systems in Cambodian schools.

What United VARs and partners will do

Members of the United VARs Alliance agreed to donate 0.1 percent of their revenue for the second quarter of 2019. The goal is to collect enough money to install at least one clean water system. In turn, SAP also decided to take part in the initiative and pledged to donate 20.000 euros.

What can you do

United VARs offered to participate in the initiative also to employees of partner companies, so AtlantConsult conveyed the offer to its employees. Moreover, anyone can join the charity - a personal contribution will never be superfluous, and even a small donation can help move the initiative forward. To donate money, go to

What will happen to the money

"For € 15,000 to € 20,000, you can save the lives of 50 to 80 kids. It's unbelievable." Says Detlef Mehlmann. 

Donations will fund a new rainwater harvesting system with 4,000 liter tanks; installation of bathrooms, toilets, hand washing stations and a bio-sand filter; plus tuition for students, teachers and school administrators.
Now United VARs (with donations from SAP and partner companies) is ready to finance the installation of at least two clean water systems, but with personal donations this number may increase. So let's be part of something bigger!