AtlantConsult implemented a loyalty program management system in the largest Belarusian oil company

AtlantConsult implemented a loyalty program management system in the largest Belarusian oil company

State company Belorusneft, the largest player in the retail market of oil products in Belarus, reported the launch of a new customer loyalty management system based on SAP Customer Experience solutions for marketing management and customer relations. AtlantConsult provided implementation of the project. 

Belorusneft provides a full production and sales cycle of oil products, from exploration and drilling to transportation, storage and sales to the end user. The company owns the largest network of petrol stations in the country: 570 stations in all regions of the country occupy more than 65% of the oil product sales market and monthly serve more than 1.5 million unique clients, which makes Belorusneft one of the largest retail networks in Belarus. 

About 10 years ago Belorusneft started its own loyalty program based on its in-house developments. The program consisted of a discount and prize mechanics. Over time, the company began to face problems in the speed of response to changes in the market and actions of competitors.

Limited functionality in forming preferences and promotional offers to customers, weak analytical system, archaic identification means, outdated communication channels and, most importantly, lack of information to form basic patterns of customer behavior meant a potential slowdown in the development of the petrol station complex.

"We build our business around the client and his experience. That is why it is so important for us to understand his wishes and reactions to our interaction with him. The company's own solution no longer meets the requirements of the time. Transition to SAP Customer Experience for Belorusneft is not only a choice in favor of more advanced and modern software products for management of customer experience, but also improvement of business culture, a platform for its further development," said Sergey Kamornikov, Deputy General Director of Belorusneft.

The new loyalty management system consists of the following functional blocks: bonus, prize and discount mechanics management, customer marketing, collection and segmentation, communication platform, analytical system and predictive analytics block. New loyalty cards, QR codes of the mobile application and a phone number are used to identify customers at filling stations.

Thanks to SAP Customer Experience, it was possible to process the discount policy and launch the bonus policy in a short time. At the same time, the system's capabilities allow to quickly differentiate rewards depending on customer behavior, the range of purchased goods and services, geography and frequency of use of loyalty cards.

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