AtlantConsult participated in the conference Innovation Day Yerevan 2021

October 28, AtlantConsult attended the conference Innovation Day Yerevan 2021. The event featured 11 presentations, revealing the main areas of digital business transformation in the CIS region in the context of SAP technologies. At the conference, managers and IT experts exchanged experiences and shared best practices. 


The participants discussed SAP solutions deployment in retail, automotive, banking and food industries. 

The retail experts from Komus and Nikora Trade presented the effect of new technologies in logistics and marketing processes.

Among the speakers was an AtlantConsult partner Belorusneft, the leading filling station chain in Belarus. By means of SAP tools, the company had boosted the number of loyal clients by 20% and increased the average transaction value by 19,7%. To know more about the project, read the case study.

Regional banks representatives discussed the pathways to develop banking departments. Over the past years, Alfa-Bank and Uzpromstroybank remodeled budgeting and fraud detection systems with the aid of SAP products.

One of the leading Armenian banks, ACBA Bank shared how its whole banking structure was transformed. AtlantConsult participated in the Armenian project by implementing SAP Customer Experience suite. 

Other spokespersons presented embedded innovations in manufacturing, HR processes and warehouse inventory management.


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