Celebrating 20 years

Over 20 years AtlantConsult rose to a certified SAP Platinum partner and became a leader in SAP solution implementation in Belarus.  


For this period the company has implemented more than 150 long-term projects partnering with large companies in Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and other CIS countries. In 2020 AtlantConsult entered the market of Western Europe.

The company’s expertise was expanded to large number of industries:

-         Retail

-         Automotive

-         Finance 

-         Transport and logistic

-         Distribution

-         Manufacturing

-         Leasing

-         Telecommunication 

-         Oil and gas

«AtlantConsult stably shows a positive dynamics: each year we improve our processes, expand the staff and escalate the number of projects in Eastern and Western Europe.

I wish AtlantConsult team to have great opportunities, challenging projects and success, for sure!», AtlantConsult CEO, Pavel Zhylko said.

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