SAP partners improve the living conditions of children in Argentina


AtlantConsult wishes to support United VARs CSR project this year to help 100 - 150 children in the Santa Maria de la Armonía project in Argentina, 380 km from Buenos Aires. Its vision is to improve the living conditions and health of the children.

Daily challenges oft the community consist of:

  • Not having regular access to clean drinking water, resulting in the families suffering from water-induced diseases, such as diarrhoea. 
  • Hardly any toilets or sanitary facilities and limited hygiene options.
  • No regular family life, often experiencing domestic violence, drug abuse and prostitution at an early age.
  • No educational opportunities and sadly, no life perspective.


United VARs has donated €35,000 to support the local community.

You also can contribute via the link.

Even a small sum can make an impact on the lives.

The more donations received, the more children we can support in providing hope for a better future. 

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